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A Peep Into The World Of Android

The smart phone and iPhone industry is booming at a tremendous speed. Each and every day the android makers and manufacturers are emerging with advanced technologies to satisfy the customer’s passion for technology. Android technology has mainly influenced the mobile phone platforms. agario cheats Among the large number of technologies that are being used for building mobile phone platform Android is the one that stands out from the rest owing to the extraordinary features that it supports. Today the majority of IT companies is applying Android technology to the applications that they develop. The people depending on Android apps and products have been enjoying a high range of satisfaction.

The use of Android phones reflects the status symbol according to many of the people who depend on Android technologies. Open source applications are popular for the wonderful features and support that it provides. Android applies open source technology and this is the main reason for the increasing popularity of Android apps. Usually the source code and the related functionalities of programming languages and applications are expensive. But in the case of Android you can get it almost free of cost. The developed applications can be easily positioned on the Google Store. The Google Store is the house to millions and millions of applications.

The plug ins and other kinds of functionalities are updated timely. All this is easily possible as you do not have to seek permission from any higher authorities. Android has shown its influence in a number of various fields including multimedia, games, entertainment, utility, e-commerce, social media and much more. Today the majority of the technology aspirants owns a smart phone or iPhone no matter whether it is built on Android technology or not. This is due to the large number of wonderful features that these phones have been designed to support. You can browse the internet, play games, chat with your friends and family, go for online shopping, etc. with these smart phones. If you are among those who depend on these phones you would know how difficult it would be to lead a life without these phones.

These phones are user friendly and once you adopt one you would find that you cannot even move on a single second of your life without these extraordinary features. Once you start using the android apps you cannot live your life without depending on it. If you are familiar with the term inter-application integration then the point to be noted is that this kind of integration is impossible without android applications. These kinds of applications provide ease of combining, relating or cross-referring products that have been designed for native use. Another advantage of using the Android apps is that you just input of one application can be used as configuration data for another application. These applications facilitate the access of data that has been installed or included by some other application on the same device.